MFA Exhibit

/> The MFA exhibit at the University of Texas at Dallas was a success, with many good friends, fellow artists and academics in attendance. This was my last exhibit/gallery show for 2010.

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Eveline: Drinks

/> The Bar Scene from my new web mini-series, Eveline.

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The Baker Window

The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas is a strange place. Once a luxury hotel placed in the middle of town, it is now empty.

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The Singing Bridge

The Singing Bridge is a bicycle and foot bridge across White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. I chose this as a nocturnal theme because of the natural beauty surrounding the bridge and the lights that cover it.

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/> I’ve been involved in the process of filmmaking and television production for many years, including work for James Cameron, John McTiernan, Roland Emmerich and other Hollywood directors.  Recently I have been creating my own short narrative films.


/> From the days when my father loaned me an Argus C-3 camera (which I never returned) I have been taking photographs. My art focuses on nocturnal images of the flaws in our society. My work has shown at several galleries and exhibitions.


/> I am both professor and scholar. In my own estimation, the two are the same. To seek and impart information, to learn and to grow. These are the goals of most anyone. Academics set the framework in how each is categorized and disciplined.

About Jaime Fowler

I have been creating images as long as I can remember. If you were to describe my photographic vision, you could say this: I look at the flaws in our society and document them. People work hard to create a perfect world. But it is the flaw that makes us human. I am fascinated with the discarded, the marginalized , and that which we leave behind. I celebrate these things in my work. It speaks to me about what it means to be a human being.

I’ve been working on films and video since I was 12 years old. As you might imagine, the technology of that day was very different than it is currently. Nonetheless I continue to adapt and grow, following the latest trends, technology and techniques. Currently, I’m in pre-production for a short film to be shot in 2013. I never grow tired of talking about film, thinking about film or making film. It’s an obsession that has followed me for my entire life.

One of my greatest passions is the process of teaching and learning. There is nothing quite like it. The lessons learned in life are gifts, and everyone is invited to share in a commonality of resources. No matter where life leads, we always have the ability to learn and grow.


  • “Jaime Fowler is a proven leader within his field. Jaime displays team building skills and the willingness to share his knowledge equally among all. He has a very open style of creative techniques, and much of his experience is accessible via the various books he has published on editing, visual effects, and color correction. “

    Manuel Pecina

  • “Jaime is an extremely dedicated educator, passionate not only about his craft but about educating others to the unique convergence of art and technology. I heartily recommend him for his talents in these areas.”

    Tom Ohanian

  • “Jaime’s books were my best resource for learning about Avid editing systems, and I continued to rely on them even after I started working at Avid. During his time at Moviola I found him to also be an exceptional classroom teacher of people working at the highest level of creative achievement. I’ve traveled around the world as part of the film and video industry, and know Jaime to be one of the very most highly respected experts anywhere.”

    Tim Wilson

  • “Jaime is an energetic, inspiring and accomplished editor and mentor. He possesses an amazing ablity to relay his years of experience in feature filmmaking to anyone no matter what their experience level. Without Jaime Fowler’s guidance, we would not have been able to complete our first film as effectively as we did.”

    Xackery Irving

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  • 2010/06/30MFA Exhibit: "Eveline"
  • 2010/02/15Skin:City
  • 2009/09/06On My Own Time
  • 2009/07/01Through a Lens, Darkly
  • 2009/04/20Nocturnal Alchemy

MFA Exhibit : “Eveline”

July 26-30, 2010
University of Texas at Dallas
Visual Arts Building
Alcove Gallery

My series of films, “Eveline” were shown in a final format at the Visual Arts Building at the University of Texas at Dallas. The purpose of the exhibit was two-fold. First, for consideration as a thesis in obtaining my Master of Fine Arts in Art & Technology at UT Dallas. The second reason was to give people the look and feel of viewing the film in a segmented, non-continuous format. Each of the nine episodes was complete in its own way, much as it would be if one were viewing it on the web. Some of the excerpts are included in my video gallery here. All of them can be seen on the Eveline website.


(with Denise Tarango)
March 6-26, 2010
Opening Reception March 6, 1-5pm
The Art Space at
Metropolitan Press
6400 Maple Street
Suite 850
Dallas, Texas 75235

Skin: City was a combined work art show with fellow art photographer and friend, Denise Tarango. Denise was, at the time, photographing tattoo art and presenting it in a very nocturnal and surreal way. It worked quite well with my nocturnal photography of the city, and our show was quite popular. According to the Met Press staff, it had the highest attendance that they had ever witnessed.

On My Own Time

(Group Show)
September 21- October 4, 2009
Northpark Mall
Dallas, Texas

The On My Own Time show was a group showing of artists from the city of Dallas, who also were employed in other pursuits. It was, in a sense, a competition. Artists at different companies competed for first and second place in several categories, and then those artists would display their work. My photograph of “The Singing Bridge” was a first place winner in the enhanced photography (professional) division and showed at NorthPark.

Through a Lens, Darkly

July 15-August 20, 2009
The Pegasus Gallery
Art Institute of Dallas
Dallas, Texas

Through A Lens, Darkly was my second one-man show, a glimpse into my aesthetic of the things we leave behind. Featured were “The Baker Door” and “Cropduster”, as well as prints of several other works. Each piece was auctioned off in a silent auction to benefit the EDMC Education Foundation, a not for profit organization that offers scholarships to art students. I was grateful for the opportunity to show work and to see the benefit of the students who won the scholarships.

Nocturnal Alchemy

May 29-July 29, 2009
Suzana Gordon Design Studio
Dallas, Texas

“This was my very first art photography exhibit, made possible by the artist Suzana Gordon and my friend, Sheri Crandall. I am grateful to both of them and to my friends, artists, and art collectors who attended. “

The Suzana Gordon Gallery was the place for a photography exhibit entitled “Nocturnal Alchemy”.  I showed several new pieces and “got the word out” about my work in a very arty and fashionable part of Dallas. The show was to last for a few weeks, but then was extended, due to the graciousness of my mentor Suzana Gordon. It was an incredible experience for me to see my work hanging in a gallery for the first time in a framed, finalized format.


The classroom facilitates opportunities for students to learn with me in an interpersonal venue, but learning goes beyond this physical space. My initiative is to reach beyond the traditional learning space (the classroom) and into virtual places where students read, acquire knowledge, see visual examples and determine their own aesthetic to guide them in creative as well as craft pursuits. In these circles of learning, I attempt to engage the student, to ask and answer their questions, to point them into directions that go beyond the text of the class, and informally discuss their learning progress. My intention is to engage the student in multiple spaces, so that I can facilitate them within their own self-created network of learning. This initiative is achieved with:

1. Blogging and comments. Many (but not all) of my classes have a virtual space, where we can further discuss the elements that are learned in the class. As the instructor, I post the initial area of study. The students respond by posting comments, and then I attempt to answer or address any needs or assess progress through comments of my own, outside of the regular classroom, which is reserved for a more formally structured learning experience.

2. Social Networks enable me to share information outside of the text of class, giving motivated students other places to learn and expand their capabilities. Social networks also enable me to comprehend student needs and areas of confusion with respect to their learning in my and other related classes.

3. Micro-blogging is occasionally used to share links and other forms of information. The most commonly used application is Twitter.

4. SMS Messaging. Text is used for interpersonal one on one discussion with each student. Text can be used for classroom management as well as questions or issues that might occur with group dynamics.

5. Email. Email is used in creating collaboration reports sent through the central class website directly to me, with specific regard to confidentiality.

In order to facilitate student-centered learning, I take on the three roles of a “sage on stage”, a “guide on the side” and a “meddler in the middle”.

Sage on the Stage

In this role, I am both an expert and knowledge source. During lectures, the students are given information and examples, and each precept is open to a discussion.

Guide on the Side

The students benefit from working and learning through experience, whether it be collaboratively or individually. In this role, I offer some guidance and encourage them to explore the subject area more deeply.

Meddler in the Middle

Students work directly with me, not only as a learned professional, but also as a creative individual. In this role, I enable myself to offer suggestions and assist in fomenting creative thought.

The Residue of Conversation

  • One on one discussions with students outside of class.
  • Attendance at school events and functions to engage students.
  • Establishing an outside, accessible presence beyond the campus

An Online Presence

  1. Class blogs where students are encouraged to participate
  2. Email, social media and online forums for outside accessibility
  3. Links to further information, going beyond the scope of the class

Contact information

I’m curious about your comments or questions about me, this site and its content, or if you just want to get in touch. Please feel free to contact me. I know that forms are not a favorite format for some, so it you want to contact me through email, please feel free to use the email address below. If you want to touch base by phone, I’ve listed my number below, but be forewarned, I rarely answer. I also have a presence in some web spaces. Click on the icons below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please feel free to email me.